Over the years, I’ve found great joy in watching my children delight over the magical legend of Santa Claus. But as they started getting a little older, the inevitable and unavoidable question was eventually asked:

“Is there really a Santa?”

For the sake of the season (and their innocence), I would assure them there is – but there was always that uneasy feeling, knowing that one day they would learn the truth and the magic would be lost.

Then one day it hit me like a ton of gifts – there’s certainly a Santa – just not who we think!

With this book, my hope is to assure you and your children that, despite what you’ve heard elsewhere, SANTA IS REAL. When the time is right, sit down with your curious little one and read this book together – you’ll both discover the real truth that will forever change your Christmas season, in the most spectacular way.

The secret is out, but the magic remains.

Merry Christmas!

Chelsea Rippy


Chelsea is an active mother of four, a yogi and a foodie living in Utah. The founder and former CEO of Shade Clothing, she is a realist who enjoys taking risks, a constant creator, entrepreneur, and dreamer.

Chelsea Rippy

“To my daughter, Kate the Great, and my sons Evan, Owen and angel boy, Beck. To my good husband, Tyler, who loves and supports me endlessly.”


Tyler is an award-winning singer-songwriter by trade and sports fan by passion. His acoustic “Elegant Folk” music has attracted a loyal following and provided him with lovely life experiences.

Tyler Stenson singer/songwriter

“To my wife Angelee and our future children. To my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, The Elegant Folk and Old Man Muse.”


Scott was born in Idaho but spent his formative years in St. Louis, MO. He now lives with his wife and children in Springville, UT and works full time as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Creative Director.

Rafael Scott Fuhriman - Illustrator

“To my wife, my best friend, and the love of my life, Helen. I lysmic di. To my beautiful kids, Charlotte, George, Louis, Jack and whoever else is still waiting up there.”


Created by Chelsea Rippy
Written by Tyler Stenson
Illustrated by Rafael Scott Fuhriman

Text copyright © 2015 by Tyler Stenson
Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Rafael Scott Fuhriman
A Christmas children’s book
Published by Elegant Folk Publishing
All rights reserved

First printing 2015
ISBN13: 978-0-9857740-3-5
ISBN10: 0985774037